LinkedIn: how to get connected to a stranger

[Written on 11/10/2010 by Alessandra Farabegoli, translated by Simone Bettini on 19/15/2015]

I happen to receive many requests of connection on LinkedIn, often by people I do not remember I know.

Unfortunately, most of them do not make any effort to help me remembering where and how we have crossed somewhere, so as soon as I have the time and the occasion, I have to write them asking about these informations, and to keep waiting for an answer.

In case we have never met before, please if you ask me to connect on LinkedIn (or even to get friend on Facebook), take a little more effort and give me some reason to accept! Do not lie by saying that we are “friends”, change the standard sentence “I want to add you to my network on LinkedIn” writing “why” you want to do that, and do not wait for me to ask you: I might not have (always) the time and inclination to do so.